The Fukushima Health Management Survey

The Fukushima Health Management Survey is a project conducted by Fukushima Medical University (FMU) under the sponsorship of Fukushima Prefecture. Following the release of radioactive materials and evacuation of residents after the accidents at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi NPS, the survey was launched to estimate external exposure doses of the people in Fukushima Prefecture and to ascertain their health status, which is essential for prevention, early detection and treatment of disease. The goal is to protect and promote the long-term health of Fukushima residents.

Implementation Structure of the Survey

The Survey Report

This report summarizes, as plainly as possible, the Basic Survey, which is to estimate external radiation exposure during the months when ambient doses were highest, and four detailed surveys (Thyroid Ultrasound Examination, Comprehensive Health Checkup, Mental Health and Lifestyle Survey, and Pregnancy and Birth Survey), all of which are scrutinized by the Prefectural Oversight Committee.

Prefectural Oversight Committee

The Prefectural Oversight Committee, consisting of experts in related fields, is in place to provide advice and recommendations from their respective standpoints on the Fukushima Health Management Survey. In open meetings, the Committee discusses the implementation methods, progress, and outcomes of the Survey and other issues necessary for its implementation.